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Kansas City Medication and Pharmacy Errors Attorney

There seems to be a new drug or medical device entering the market every day for just about every type of ailment. As pharmaceutical companies develop these drugs and medical devices and then doctors prescribe them, we often believe that these products are safe and will be helpful. However, sometimes the reverse happens and people are harmed as a result of using these products. If this has happened to you, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

At Goza & Honnold, we serve clients in the Kansas City metropolitan area (Kansas and Missouri) and nationwide, and we pride ourselves on our pharmaceutical and drug litigation experience. We are here to hold drug companies responsible for their actions when their products fail to help people and instead cause permanent and painful harm. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Kansas City medical malpractice attorneys to see how we can help you.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Kansas City prescription drug error lawyers and s have represented hundreds of clients in their claims against medical professionals and large pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We have the experience necessary to hold these parties accountable.
  • Over our decades of litigation experience, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements and trial verdicts on behalf of our clients.
  • Our firm carries impressive credentials. Our medication error attorneys in Kansas City have won some of the most prestigious trial and litigation awards in the United States.

Types of Cases We Handle

Prior to opening our firm, our prescription drug error attorneys in Kansas City were part of a national product liability defense firm. We know the strategies used to defend large companies like pharmaceutical manufacturers and we are not afraid to challenge their practices.

These types of cases can arise for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Improper or insufficient testing.
  • Failure to warn of possible side effects, lethal drug interactions, recall notices by FDA.
  • Quality issues related to off-label marketing by drug representatives and prescriptions by doctors.

Sometimes certain drugs and devices are grandfathered in under FDA rules and do not have to comply with the usual rigorous testing models. Other times, there is a rush to enter the market and create popularity to maximize the patent and profit potential. This can end up resulting in limited testing and the efficacy of the drug emerges through trial and error as the public uses it. We use medical experts, when necessary, to prove the cause of your injuries and how you were harmed by these practices.

Our Kansas City medication errors lawyers handle individual and class action lawsuits for all types of defective drugs and medical devices, such as:

It Is Our Job to Tell Your Story

Many of these drugs can cause permanent or fatal injuries. You deserve to be compensated. We will fight to have medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and quality of life changes covered. We are here to demand justice through aggressive pharmaceutical and drug litigation. Your story deserves to be told and by telling your story we can help warn others and force changes to make drugs and medical devices safer.

Who Is Liable for a Drug or Medical Device Injury?

All product manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are safe to use. For medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, this duty of care is especially significant. If you suffer an injury due to a defective drug or medical device, you can hold the pharmaceutical or manufacturing company liable for your injuries. A Kansas City medication errors lawyer can help with this process.

A product defect can occur at any stage in the chain of production.

Generally, there are three types of product liability claims you can file:

  1. Manufacturing defect claims, or claims involving defects that occur due to errors during the manufacturing process. For example, an employee may accidentally taint a batch of medication with a toxic substance. If you take this medication and become ill, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.
  2. Defective design claims, which involve a product with an inherently dangerous or defective design. For example, say that you receive a breast implant made with carcinogenic material. You and other patients develop cancer as a result of the product’s intended design.
  3. Failure to warn claims, or lawsuits involving inadequate safety instructions or warnings. For example, if a medication reacts badly with aspirin and the safety label fails to warn against this reaction, you can hold the company accountable if you combine these medications and suffer organ damage.

In other cases, the medical device or medication may not be defective at all. In some situations, the medical professional who administered or prescribed the medication or used the medical device is at fault. For example, if a doctor prescribes the wrong medication or dosage for your condition, your condition may worsen and you may develop additional injuries. If a surgeon places your hip replacement in the wrong location during surgery, you could hold him or her liable for your resulting injuries.

Why You Need a Kansas City Pharmacy Errors Lawyer for Your Defective Medication or Medical Device Claim

After you sustain an injury due to a product defect, you can feel overwhelmed. You may worry about how you can pay for your medical care, struggle to recover from weeks or months of lost wages and be unsure how to recover from your injuries. Through a defective product lawsuit or medical malpractice claim, you can recover the compensation you need to pay for these losses.

However, the litigation process can be complex, especially in medical malpractice and medical product liability cases. You will need to provide clear evidence showing that the product is defective and caused your injuries. In these situations, you need an attorney on your side.

The Kansas City medication error attorneys at Goza & Honnold, LLC can help. We assist clients who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of medical professionals and manufacturing companies, providing several benefits throughout the case process.

  • We will enlist the help of expert witnesses who can evaluate your case and provide evidence-based testimony on your behalf.
  • We will handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on recovery, not paperwork.
  • We have experience facing large corporate legal counsel and negligent medical professionals in the courtroom.
  • We will leverage our trial and negotiation skills to fight for the best possible outcome during each stage of your case.

Kansas City Medication and Pharmacy Error Attorney

Contact the Kansas City medication error lawyers at Goza & Honnold, LLC to discuss the circumstances of your defective medical device or drug claim. We offer a free initial consultation to carefully listen to your case and explain what options are available for recovery. Call us at (913) 451-3433 today.