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Pedestrians are especially vulnerable on Kansas City roads. According to data from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 108 fatal crashes and 1,281 personal injury accidents involving pedestrians occurred during 2019. A total of 111 pedestrians died and 1,341 pedestrians suffered injuries due to these accidents.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident in Kansas City, you may have grounds for an insurance claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver. In these situations, the Kansas City personal injury lawyers at Goza & Honnold, LLC can help. Our lawyers will advocate aggressively for your right to compensation, handling all aspects of your claim so you can focus on recovery.

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  • Our Kansas City pedestrian attorneys have received the respect of opposing counsel and prestigious trial and litigation awards. We strive for excellence and integrity from consultation to settlement.
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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Kansas City

Pedestrian accidents can occur for several reasons. Low visibility and dark clothing may make it difficult for a driver to see someone crossing the street. In other cases, mechanical defects or poor weather conditions are to blame. In many cases, however, a driver’s negligent actions are responsible for the collision.

Missouri drivers have a duty to drive safely and to follow all traffic laws. A driver may be legally responsible for your accident if the collision involves a breach of this duty. Examples of driver negligence include the following:

  • Speeding.
  • Driver impatience.
  • Failure to yield the right of way.
  • Distracted driving, such as texting while driving.
  • Driving through an intersection during a red light.
  • Failing to stop at a stop sign.
  • Improper turns.
  • Driving under the influence.

If you are unsure whether negligent driving played a role in your accident, speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can conduct an independent investigation in your case, determine the cause, and explain your options for compensation.

Can a Pedestrian File an Insurance Claim in Kansas City?

Although you may not have your own insurance as a pedestrian, you could file an insurance claim against the driver responsible for your accident. Missouri is a fault insurance state, which means that at-fault drivers are financially liable for the accidents they cause. After a collision, injured victims can file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver for their damages. Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are eligible to file these claims.

In accidents involving uninsured drivers, the process becomes more difficult. Missouri requires all drivers to hold uninsured motorist coverage; if you have your own auto insurance, you can file a claim under your own coverage. If you are also uninsured, your best option may be to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Your optimal path to compensation will vary depending on the facts of your case. To understand your next steps, speak to a Kansas City pedestrian accident lawyer at Goza & Honnold, LLC.

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Pedestrian accidents can result in severe injuries, financial hardship, and emotional trauma. If you are the victim of a pedestrian collision in Kansas City, the lawyers at Goza & Honnold, LLC can represent you in your insurance claim or lawsuit. We will work tirelessly to secure maximum compensation on your behalf.

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