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3 Reasons Car Accident Fatalities Are Increasing in Kansas

August 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

Car accidents occur in every state in the U.S., but recently, Kansas has experienced increasing fatalities due to car accidents. The Kansas Department of Transportation outlines specific contributors to motor vehicle accidents, such as an increase in distracted driving behaviors, speeding and reckless drivers, inappropriate seat belt usage, and other factors. When a negligent driver causes a fatal accident,  loved ones can often pursue monetary compensation in the form of damages for economic and non-economic losses related to the accident.

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3 Reasons Car Accident Fatalities Are Increasing in Kansas

When drivers act negligently, and a fatal accident follows,, those drivers can often be held liable for the damages incurred.. Car accident fatalities are increasing in Kansas due to certain negligent behaviors on the road.

The following are three reasons why fatal car accidents are on the rise in Kansas:

1.    Speeding and Reckless Driving-Related Fatalities

There were almost 5,000 instances of speeding and reckless driving that caused accidents in 2020, which led to nearly 80 lives lost. Over 3,000 citations were given for speeds exceeding 100 mph. Unfortunately, age plays a significant role in the drivers that choose to drive over the speed limit, with 45% of all 2020 speed-related fatal crashes involving Kansas drivers between 15 and 29 years old.

High-impact car accidents involving higher speeds may be more severe and require long-term medical care, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, or medication management that may result in financial strain for you and your family.

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2.    Prevalence of Distracted Driving

Driver inattention is the leading contributing factor to motor vehicle accident fatalities in Kansas as of 2020, with over 18.5% of accident fatalities occurring due to behaviors such as texting and driving, eating, or others.

Mobile phone use by Kansas drivers led to 30 deaths and 1,448 injuries between 2010 and 2015, making it the second-leading factor in distracted driving accidents, with other distractions—applying makeup, reading, other passengers, and eating—accounting for 3,779 injuries.

If you were or a loved one was involved in a distracted driving accident, speak with the skilled car accident lawyers at Goza & Honnold to assess the details of your claim and offer legal guidance moving forward. We will investigate the essential details of your accident, gather evidence to determine liability, and build a solid case on your behalf.

3.    Inexperienced Drivers Engage in Risky Driving Behaviors

Inexperienced drivers on the road tend to engage in more risky driving behaviors and fail to make fast critical decisions when faced with a dangerous situation. Teens aged 16-19 are three times more likely than older drivers to be in a fatal accident.

Age plays a significant factor in increased car accident fatalities, especially in instances of drinking and driving. Of 386 young drivers who suffered a car accident fatality involving alcohol usage in 2019, 82% had alcohol in their systems with a .08 BAC or higher.

Damages You May Recover in a Kansas Motor Vehicle Accident Wrongful Death Claim

Unlike personal injury claimants, wrongful death claimants in Kansas may also recover specific economic and non-economic damages for the loss of a family member in a car accident caused by negligence.

Economic damages concern the financial losses incurred by the estate and family.. You may recover necessary compensation for expenses such as funeral costs, burial costs, final medical expenses, and the monetary value of wages and benefits your family member would have earned if they survived the car accident.

Non-economic damages include emotional suffering and pain you have experienced due to your loved one’s death in a vehicle collision, including the following:

  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering your loved one experienced before their death
  • Loss of consortium, companionship, and support from your loved one
  • The reasonable value of services they provided to you and surviving family members before their death

Speaking with the Kansas wrongful death lawyers at Goza & Honnold may help you calculate the maximum monetary value of the economic and non-economic damages you are potentially entitled to recover in a wrongful death claim.

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