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Multi-Million Dollar Settlement For Failure to Provide Adequate Security At Retail Store Goza & Honnold represented a client who was shopping in a retail store when it was robbed. Our client was shot and suffered severe injuries. There had been several other similar robberies in the area. We claimed the store should have had a security guard and cameras on site. Experts substantiated the claim that security guards were a significant deterrent and necessary, given the particular circumstance of this case.

Policy Limits Settlement in Failure to Diagnose Melanoma
Goza & Honnold represented a young father of two who went to a dermatologist for skin lesion.  The dermatologist performed a biopsy and interpreted it as showing squamous cell carcinoma.  The dermatologist believed the “scoop” procedure he performed removed all the cancer.  The lesion was actually melanoma, all of the cancer was not removed, and the cancer spread.

Seven-Figure Confidential Settlement For Birth Injury
Goza & Honnold represented a woman who underwent an external version. The procedure involves the obstetrician manually rotating the baby from a feet-down breech position to an appropriate head-down vertex position. Cord impingement is an infrequent but recognized complication from this procedure that can decrease the flow of oxygenated blood to the baby. This complication usually occurs immediately after the version, although it may take a few minutes to become apparent. Continuous monitoring of the baby in the period immediately following the version is necessary. The mother in this case was taken off the monitor, moved to another room, and by the time the monitor was replaced, the baby was in bradycardia, had an extremely low heartbeat. The claim was that precious minutes were lost while the baby was off the heart monitor in an unnecessary transfer. The baby was born with significant neurological injury.

Seven-Figure Confidential Settlement For Failed Diagnosis of Placental Abruption 
Goza & Honnold represented a young pregnant woman who presented to the hospital in labor. The young woman complained of severe pain and an ultrasound was ordered.  This study showed a placental abruption, a condition in which the placenta, which supplies food, blood and oxygen to the baby, partially separates from the mother’s uterus. This case involved a lack of communication among the health care providers concerning this potentially emergent situation, which resulted in a delay of the delivery. This delay resulted in brain injury to the baby.

$3 million Dollar Settlement Medical Gas Line Mix-Up/ Anoxic Brain Injury 
Goza & Honnold represented an 18-year-old high school senior who went to an oral surgeon’s office to have his wisdom teeth extracted. He suffered a respiratory arrest. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital then transferred by life-flight to a regional medical center. He was diagnosed with anoxic encephalopathy, or brain damage from lack of oxygen. An investigation revealed that the nitrous oxide tank in the oral surgeon’s “bottle room” had actually been connected to the oxygen line. The young man was in a coma for two months during which time he was transferred to a specialty rehabilitation hospital. With the help of a dedicated staff and his own tremendous effort, he made a remarkable recovery. He was able to walk and talk, but remained cortically blind with brain damage and spasticity.

A number of parties were named as defendants. We were able to reach a settlement with the installing plumbers for their policy limits of $3 million. Later, we participated in a mediation during which we were able to reach a settlement with the other parties for a confidential amount.

$1.6 Million Opioid Narcotic Overdose/Kansas Wrongful Death Case
Goza & Honnold recently concluded a case involving the sale and mismanagement of a Fentanyl-based opioid narcotic. The health care providers and pharmacy involved paid $1.6 million and the pharmaceutical company settled for a confidential amount. For more details click here

$750,000 Brain Injury Oxycontin/drug Overdose
Goza & Honnold represented a woman who suffered brain damage from an OxyContin overdose. The case, filed in Lafayette County Circuit Court, recently settled for $750,000. For more details click here

$2 Million Dollar Policy Limit Settlement/Kansas Obstetrical/Gynecologic Mismanagement/Miscarriage
Goza & Honnold represented a 31-year-old mother of three who was suffering from persistent bleeding following a miscarriage. She reported to the emergency room and the next day to an obstetrics/gynecology clinic. Despite her severe bleeding, lab studies were not ordered and she was sent home. Her husband found her on the floor unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital but was severely anemic, in septic shock and as a result suffered severe permanent debilitating injuries. For more details click here

$9.25 Million Failed Heart Procedure/Heart/Kidney Transplant/Jackson County
Goza & Honnold represented a woman diagnosed with a ventricular tachycardia or irregular heart rhythm. She underwent a cardiac ablation, a procedure using energy or heat to kill the area of the heart causing the irregular rhythm. The physician erroneously ablated the coronary artery resulting in a heart attack. The patient ultimately underwent both a heart and kidney transplant. For more details click here

$2.5 Million Automobile Accident/Drunk Driver/Collision
Goza & Honnold, working with other attorneys, obtained the 11th largest settlement in the State of Missouri in 2007. This matter involved a drunk driving accident in Morgan County, Missouri. Plaintiffs alleged negligence on behalf of the drunk driver and negligent entrustment on behalf of the driver’s mother for permitting him access to the vehicle despite his lengthy history of driving while intoxicated.

$1.6 Million Jackson County/Obstetrical Negligence/Breech/Cerebral Palsy/Brain Damage
Goza & Honnold represented a couple who brought suit on their daughter’s behalf against an obstetrician for failing to timely respond when the baby’s heart rate dropped precipitously after the performance of an external version to correct a breech presentation. The baby survived, but as a result of the failure to perform a timely c-section, she went without oxygen and developed cerebral palsy, resulting in a need for lifelong medical care.  Click here to read more

$7.4 Million Verdict St. Louis/Death/Gastric Bypass
Goza & Honnold and another local firm tried a case in the City of St. Louis resulting a verdict of $7.4 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The claim arose out of the wrongful death of a 50-year-old woman following gastric bypass surgery. The woman suffered a perforation that went undiagnosed for several days. Finally, tests were ordered, and she was taken to surgery but died on the operating table from overwhelming sepsis.

$800,000 Jackson County Post-Op Complications/Gall Bladder Surgery
Goza & Honnold represented a man for the negligent failure to provide appropriate post-operative care to patient following gall bladder surgery. The patient suffered periods of hypotension which went unrecognized and untreated. The patient ultimately lost the use of his legs.

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Jackson County/Obstetrical Mismangement/Fetal Distress/Cerebral Palsy/Brain Damage
Goza & Honnold represented a family in a medical negligence claim against a hospital for injuries sustained during an infant’s delivery. The mother reported to the hospital in labor. The fetal heart strips showed an ominous pattern. The physician was summoned and the baby stabilized. The physician went back to the office, but the strips again showed signs of distress. The claim was the hospital staff then failed to recognize the change in the fetal heart panel and summon the physician in a timely fashion.

$300,000 Jackson County/Failed Total Hip Replacement
Goza & Honnold pursued a case against an orthopedic surgeon for alleged negligent performance of a total hip replacement resulting in a painful limb-length discrepancy.

$471,000 Verdict/Motorcycle Accident
A one week jury trial resulted in a jury verdict in Anderson County, Kansas for $471,000. The case involved a motorcyclist injured in a collision with a garbage truck.

$413,000 Verdict/Springfield/Hospital Slip Fall
Goza & Honnold obtained a verdict against a hospital in Greene County, Missouri, for the failure of the hospital staff to prevent a patient’s slip and fall after her hip replacement surgery.

$220,000 Severe Injury/Animal Liability
Goza & Honnold obtained a $220,000 settlement on behalf of a woman who was knocked to the ground by an off leash dog and suffered significant injury.

$255,000 Slip Fall On Ice/Failure to Maintain
Goza & Honnold represented a man who was injured when he slipped and fell on a patch of ice in a business parking lot. He suffered serious injury to his right ankle requiring surgery. The evidence showed that ice repeatedly developed in the spot where plaintiff fell. The property owner had not undertaken measures to ensure that the ice patch was routinely salted or barricaded.

Confidential Settlement Jackson County Drug Mismanagement/Metoclopramide/Reglan
Goza & Honnold represented a woman who had been placed on the drug metoclopramide for many years by her gastroenterologist. As a result of being on the drug for a protracted period of time and in violation of warnings on the drug packaging, she developed a neurological disorder called tardive dyskinesia. This disorder cases involuntary facial movement, primarily in the mouth and jaw.

Confidential Settlement Jackson County Post Operative Complication/Esophageal Tear
Goza & Honnold represented a man who underwent drainage/scoping procedures for treatment of his swollen lymph nodes. During this procedure the physician tore a 7 cm hole in his esophagus. The injuries resulted in a permanent painful condition in his throat that affects his ability to swallow.

Unnecessary Surgery/Post-op Complications/ Confidential Settlement
Goza & Honnold represented a woman who reported to a surgeon’s office with complaints of abdominal pain and cramping. The surgeon performed an adhesiolysis surgery in an attempt to correct what he believed to be the source of the pain. She became ill after the surgery, suffering from severe pain and abdominal distention. She required significant post-operative care, including multiple surgeries, and suffered from severe, permanent pain in her abdomen. We alleged that the surgery was not necessary and was in fact contraindicated, in light of the client’s other medical conditions.

Kansas Death/Failed Diagnosis/Heart Attack
Goza & Honnold represented a man who reported to the ER with complaints of shortness of breath, nausea, and periodic chest pain radiating into his arms. He was admitted to the hospital and was given a workup to try to identify the source of his symptoms. Four days later, he was discharged with no diagnosis for the cause of this pain. The next day, he died of a heart attack because of an undiagnosed underlying heart condition.

Drug Mismanagement Led To Woman Bleeding to Death
Goza & Honnold represented an elderly woman who went to a nursing home after a hospital stay to recuperate. During her stay, her Coumadin doses were not appropriately managed, resulting in severe internal bleeding and ultimately her death.

Birth Negligence Led to Baby’s Death/Jackson County
Goza & Honnold represented the parents of a baby who died shortly after birth and contended that the healthcare providers who cared for the baby after birth mismanaged the child’s care by taking her off of her ventilator too soon, resulting in her death.

Nursing Home Negligence/Wander/Failed Supervision
Goza & Honnold represented the family of a woman who was a patient at a residential psychiatric facility. She was allowed to wander away from the facility at night. A search was performed but she was not found until her remains were discovered in the woods behind the facility approximately nine months later.

Malpractice/Fall Malpractice/Fall/Dizziness/Failed Supervision
Goza & Honnold represented a woman who was a frequent recipient of dialysis services. She suffered two broken ankles when she fell after becoming lightheaded due to too much fluid being dialyzed.

Unnecessary Back Surgery/Post Op Complications/Jackson County
Goza & Honnold represented a woman who underwent an L4 discectomy by her neurosurgeon. After the surgery, she had multiple complications and prolonged pain and discomfort. Plaintiff contended that the surgery performed was the wrong surgery, and that the surgeon did not appropriately identify the true source of her back pain.

Unnecessary Back Surgery/Post Op Complications/Jackson County
Goza & Honnold represented a man was admitted to a hospital for an extended stay. During his stay his heels developed severe decubitous ulcers which led to multiple surgical procedures including operations on his knee due to infection.

Mass Tort Litigation/Drugs/Medical Devices
The lawyers at Goza & Honnold handle individual and class action lawsuits for all types of defective drugs and medical devices, such as:

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