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Do I Need an Attorney After a Minor Auto Accident?

June 23, 2021 | Car Accidents

After a minor car accident, some people may think “no harm no foul,” and they do not look to hire an attorney. This could be a critical mistake. After all, what appears to be a minor car injury at first may turn out to be anything but over time. Legal help is critical after a car accident. At the very minimum, you should speak to a Kansas City car accident attorney no matter what.

Car Accident Injuries Are Not Always Apparent Right Away

Not all car accident injuries are apparent right off the bat. Accident victims could suffer a number of injuries during the accident that only show symptoms over time. This could include things such as:

  • Head and neck injuries from whiplash
  • Internal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Sometimes, these could take weeks or months to begin to affect the accident victim. They may appear perfectly normal at first in the days after an accident before they begin to feel discomfort. Then, when they receive medical treatment, the diagnosis may show a serious injury that needs to be treated. This treatment could cost thousands of dollars, even for things as seemingly minor as a sprain.

The Insurance Company Goes to Work Right Away

The other driver’s insurance company may begin to work immediately after the crash with the sole purpose of protecting itself from liability. They could start calling you right after the accident, using various tricks to try to get you on the record giving a statement. All they need is something that they could use against you to either minimize your recovery or deny a possible claim altogether. Hiring a Kansas City personal injury lawyer could help protect you from being deceived or pressured by the insurance company.

The insurance company may also offer you a small fraction of what you deserve in a claim. The way that you know the offer is inadequate is that you have an attorney who knows what your claim is worth and advises you to reject a low settlement offer.

You Cannot Just Assume that a Crash Was Minor

The characterization of a car accident as minor may be yours alone. The truth is that you never really know the severity of a crash immediately. Things could happen in the legal process, such as a claim by the other driver, that could indicate that the accident was far more serious than you thought. The point is to never make an assumption that a car accident is minor without getting legal advice first.

A lawyer could help you make the determination whether you need further legal help. It costs nothing to speak to an attorney to get their opinion about your possible case. Consultations are free, and the worst that happens is that the attorney tells you that there is nothing more to do, and you each go your own separate ways. However, things often turn out to be a bigger deal than you thought originally. If you do not speak to a personal injury lawyer, you could be leaving money on the table.

Get Checked Out Medically After the Accident

Another way that you could know the severity of a car accident injury is by getting a medical evaluation in the days after the accident. With checkups and a diagnosis, you may not be in the position of making a determination that a car accident is minor. The results of your checkup will do that for you.

You do not have any risk when you hire an attorney for your case. If you are not successful, you will not be hit with a large legal bill at the conclusion of your case. Whether an attorney takes your case will tell you a lot about whether the car accident was really as minor as you thought.

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