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Some Infant Powdered Formula Has Been Recalled Due to Salmonella Infections: Could You Have a Case?

March 1, 2022 | Personal Injury

Businesses and companies that sell products and provide services owe a duty of care to their clients and customers. When someone is injured or harmed due to a defective product, the manufacturers and those in charge of quality assurance are often responsible. In industries and businesses that cater to babies and children, quality control checks are even more important. For instance, a prominent example of this type of negligence in recent years has involved substandard powdered infant formula that was released to the public and subsequently recalled due to salmonella infections.

It can be frightening for parents to see their babies get sick because of the formula they have been feeding them. At Goza & Honnold, our Kansas City product liability attorneys have helped many families get compensation for the hardship and illness their child has endured due to manufacturing neglect and a disregard for the safety of the consumer.

Infant Formula Recalls and Recent FDA Investigations 

Baby formula products are sold and marketed to individuals each and every day. When a product is recalled, is it typically a response to manufacturer error or reported cases of illness or injury. If a food or beverage product is recalled, the batch number and manufacture dates are released to the public with notice. Typically, products are also removed from stores, and anyone in possession of the recalled products is advised to stop using them.

When laboratories fail to perform accurate and thorough testing before approving the manufacturing and distribution of a product, there is negligence on the part of the lab, owner, and even the company that profits from the products sold. When there is an outbreak of a foodborne illness, reports are made to the agency. Recently, an FDA investigation discovered Cronobacter infections to be linked to certain infant formulas that have now been recalled. If your child became ill due to consuming defective formula, you may have the right to pursue a product liability lawsuit

How Do I Know if I Have a Product Liability Case?

If your child’s formula was recalled after they experienced a foodborne illness—such as salmonella or another type of infection—a lawyer may be able to help you gather the information needed to build a case and resolve the claim. Your child may need several doctor’s appointments, medication, treatment, and recovery times that may affect your job and other aspects of your daily life. The laboratories, companies, and other involved parties should be held responsible for neglecting the safety and health of their consumers. 

It may be alarming to learn that your infant’s food caused an illness and affected their well-being. To make matters worse, Salmonella infection has been known to lead to other ailments in young infants in severe cases. Whether your child has been mildly or severely affected by the consumption of a recalled formula, contacting an experienced legal team may be your smartest option. A team of knowledgeable lawyers may be able to help you recover the recompense necessary to compensate for your family’s pain, suffering, and illness. We can help you evaluate your case and gather all the information pertinent to building a lawsuit against the responsible parties. 

How a Skilled Product Liability Attorney Can Help Your Case

The benefits of hiring a top-notch product liability lawyer include the following:

  • Lawyers are skilled negotiators
  • Your legal team supports your rights and helps you understand the process
  • Legal teams ensure your case and its components are handled timely and efficiently
  • Your lawyer can represent you and your child throughout the legal process in court, if necessary 
  • Lawyers review a case, medical records, manufacturer negligence, and other important aspects that add to the success of your case

Without an experienced attorney, your case may not result in the best outcome and you may miss out on the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Our attorneys have represented many parents and their infants in product liability cases. We’re dedicated to helping you resolve the wrongdoings caused by your infant’s formula manufacturer. 

Call Goza & Honnold to Take Legal Action if Your Infant Is a Victim of Defective Infant Formula 

At Goza & Honnold, our attorneys understand the serious hardships that defective infant formula can cause for children and their families. Our team is experienced in successfully handling infant formula lawsuits and securing compensation from the at-fault party. If your child has contracted a salmonella infection or other disease due to the consumption of an infant formula that has been recalled, contact our office by filling out a contact form or by calling (913) 451-3433 to schedule a free consultation.