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Goza & Honnold Handling Talcum Powder Cases

Have you used talcum powder long-term and developed ovarian cancer?

Goza & Honnold is representing women in claims pertaining to the use of talcum powder. These lawsuits allege that talcum-based powders, such as Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower, can cause ovarian cancer when used long-term for feminine hygiene purposes. Johnson & Johnson recently announced it would discontinue sales of its talc-based baby powder in North America, citing decreased consumer demand and litigation related to the risks of cancer associated with the product.

Talc is an extremely soft mineral that absorbs moisture, oil, and odor. Companies use it in an array of cosmetic products, including blush, eye shadow, and deodorant, but talc is best known in the industry as the primary ingredient in baby powders.

Though originally released as a product for infant diaper rash, talcum powder’s makers quickly broadened their marketing to include maintaining dry, fresh skin in adults, and specifically, in women. By the mid-1980s, Johnson & Johnson told New York Times Magazine that 70 percent of its Baby Powder was used by adults. Adult women report using the powder daily to prevent sweat and odor by sprinkling the powder in their underwear or applying it directly to their genitals.

In the 1970s, the first potential connection between genital talcum powder use and ovarian cancer emerged, when researchers found talc particles deeply embedded in the majority of ovarian tumors they were studying. The link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer seems to have been known to the industry for many years, and yet these products were aggressively marketed without a warning. Indeed, while corn starch alternatives have been released, talcum powder products still do not carry a warning about the potential risk of ovarian cancer with the genital application.

A Talcum Powder Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) has been created in the District of New Jersey, where thousands of cases are pending. Many trials held so far around the country have resulted in substantial verdicts for the plaintiffs.

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