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Kansas City Meningitis Malpractice Attorneys

In medical malpractice cases in the U.S. involving children being seen in emergency departments and urgent care centers, diagnostic error accounted for 39% of the medical negligence. One of the most common diagnoses involved in those cases was meningitis. Although it may affect patients of every age, meningitis affects babies and children more commonly than any other age group. If a medical professional misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose meningitis, you may have a medical malpractice claim.

At Goza & Honnold, we have extensive experience litigating medical malpractice claims in Kansas City. We tirelessly advocate for our clients and have recovered millions in damages for medical malpractice victims. We understand how to comprehensively investigate meningitis cases and seek the answers families deserve. 

What Is Meningitis Malpractice? 

Meningitis is a serious, life-threatening condition that affects the membranes that line the brain and spinal cord through contamination involving bacteria or a virus. It is spread through contact with infected individuals or exposure to fluid, including airborne droplets. Over 600 patients will contract this condition annually, and 10-15% of meningitis cases will be fatal. Patients who recover might develop permanent disabilities, such as brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disabilities. 

Often, this condition spreads in hospitals when medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and other medical practitioners fail to follow essential safety protocols such as washing their hands, cleaning equipment, and quarantining patients who have viral or bacterial meningitis.

Seeking treatment from a physician to correctly diagnose and treat the condition right away can make a significant difference in recovery. If you were harmed because of misdiagnosis, failure to treat, or failure to prevent an outbreak that caused you to suffer meningitis, the medical professionals or medical facilities involved may be held liable. 

Medical Negligence in Kansas City Meningitis Cases 

Detection and treatment must be prompt in order for a meningitis patient to have a successful recovery. Due to the rarity of this condition, some physicians or medical providers rule meningitis out too quickly, hindering a timely diagnosis and treatment. Delayed diagnosis also exacerbates the potential for an outbreak, which is especially vital to contain, as bacterial meningitis has a high mortality rate and needs urgent care. 

Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, and failure to properly treat meningitis are all ways in which medical professionals can be considered negligent. If you believe a medical professional has hurt you or a loved one due to one of these factors, reach out to a medical malpractice lawyer to learn more about your options.

Medical Malpractice Involving Failure to Diagnose Meningitis 

A physician or healthcare provider should order proper tests to make a meningitis diagnosis. If a healthcare provider neglects to consider the possibility of meningitis and doesn’t order the proper diagnostic tests, it can mean grave consequences for the patient.

If your medical professional failed to diagnose meningitis and mishandled necessary urgent treatment, you may have the right to seek damages for the suffering you have experienced. 

You may be required to prove the following to hold your medical provider accountable for their failure to diagnose meningitis: 

  • There was an established doctor-patient relationship 
  • Your healthcare provider violated the applicable duty of care; for example, a different physician with similar skills and knowledge would have acted differently 
  • The violation of the duty of care caused your injuries 
  • You suffered damages as a result (medical expenses, lost wages, or other economic or non-economic losses)

At Goza & Honnold, we understand the necessary evidence and detailed investigation needed to prove negligence in a meningitis medical malpractice claim. We have access to some of the best medical experts in the country and work to build the strongest possible cases for our clients.

Medical Malpractice Involving the Misdiagnosis of Meningitis 

Meningitis symptoms may have a quick onset, such as poor appetite, difficulty waking, fatigue, fever, and irritability in babies. Adults may experience fever, neck stiffness, headaches, sensitivity to light, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea. Even though other medical conditions may have similar symptoms, medical professionals should always recognize potential symptoms of meningitis. If meningitis is suspected, they must begin diagnostic testing. 

If a medical professional fails to order a spinal tap to collect cerebrospinal fluid for testing, chest x-rays, blood cultures, CT scan, or other diagnostic tests, resulting in misdiagnosis, further harm can occur to the patient. This might include brain damage, loss of hearing, seizures, and other life-threatening complications. In these situations, medical professionals may be held liable for the injuries and other losses they’ve caused due to medical negligence. 

A Kansas City meningitis malpractice lawyer at Goza & Honnold may help you determine the damages you have suffered due to misdiagnosis and build a strong claim on your behalf. 

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If you suspect a medical professional acted negligently in your meningitis case, speak with the knowledgeable Kansas City meningitis malpractice attorneys at Goza & Honnold for a comprehensive evaluation of your claim. We can investigate your potential claim and help you understand the legal options available.

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