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Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The transition a family goes through when deciding to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home facility is often difficult and agonizing. Unfortunately, as it turns out, many of them do not offer safe, caring environments. If you discover your loved one has been mistreated and has suffered an injury, you should consult with a Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer to explore how to protect your family members and hold the nursing home responsible for their actions.

At Goza & Honnold, nursing home abuse and neglect cases receive our attorneys’ focused and compassionate attention. If you suspect a family member has been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact our office and schedule a free consultation with one of our Kansas City personal injury lawyers today.

We handle Kansas City nursing home abuse and elder neglect cases involving:

  • Failure to provide adequate wound care resulting in infection.
  • Ulcers and bed sores.
  • Slip and falls resulting in extensive bruising, fractures, broken hips, knees, head trauma.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration.
  • Inadequate staffing and supervision leading to wandering, subsequent injuries.
  • Sexual abuse, physical abuse by staff or fellow residents.
  • Medical malpractice including medication errors.

Our Kansas City nursing home abuse attorneys understand that this can be a traumatic time for a family and we will be by your side throughout the entire legal process. We will seek maximum compensation for your loved one’s injuries by proving that the nursing home staff breached their duty of care. We are here to help you achieve justice and help your loved ones reclaim their dignity.

Why Choose Us

  • Our nursing home abuse lawyers in Kansas City have earned the respect of our peers. We have received some of the most prestigious trial and litigation awards.
  • Our firm has a successful track record. Over our decades of experience, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients.
  • We combine the agility of a small firm with the resources and power of a large firm. Our clients can expect excellence throughout the litigation process.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Kansas City

Identifying abuse can be difficult, especially nursing home abuse. Many elderly residents feel shame or embarrassment after experiencing mistreatment and may be unwilling to talk about their experiences. In other cases, a caregiver or person of authority may be the abuser, and your loved one may be scared to come forward.

There are many different types of nursing home abuse, and the signs of this abuse can be subtle. If you feel like your loved one may be a victim of abuse, he or she may exhibit the following signs:

  • Physical abuse: unexplained broken bones, bruising, scars, or other injuries; signs of restraint; broken glasses or belongings; sudden and frequent hospitalizations.
  • Emotional abuse: witnessing the caregiver belittle, control, or threaten your loved one; sudden changes in behavior from your loved one, such as sudden withdrawal, mumbling, or rocking behaviors.
  • Neglect: sudden and unexplained weight loss; malnutrition or dehydration; poor hygiene and unsafe living conditions; bedsores.
  • Sexual abuse: unexplained genital infections; bruising or bleeding in the genital area; stained, bloody, or torn clothing.
  • Financial abuse: unexplained withdrawals and unusual purchases; changes in legal documents, such as wills, power of attorney, or life insurance policies; missing cash or belongings; lack of medical care despite financial resources.

This list is not exhaustive and your loved one may exhibit other signs of abuse. If you believe your loved one is in immediate danger, call 911 and report the abuse to law enforcement.

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Legal Options for Missouri Nursing Home Abuse Victims

Missouri nursing home residents have several rights afforded to them. According to the Missouri Code of State Regulations, nursing homes must provide a safe environment and ensure residents are fully informed about their rights and care. State law explicitly prohibits nursing homes from abusing their residents.

If you believe your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, you have multiple legal options available. First, you can file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, which oversees the safety and quality of long-term care facilities. The department will investigate the complaint and take steps to protect your loved one from abuse.

Your family can also file a lawsuit to recover compensation for the damages your loved one suffered due to the abuse. In many cases, the nursing home facility will be liable for your loved one’s damages, even if the director or administrator was unaware of the abuse. If the abuser is an employee of the nursing home, the facility is liable for his or her actions. Under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, an employer is liable for the actions of its employees while they are performing their job duties.

The Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyers at Goza & Honnold, LLC can help you and your loved one understand these legal options. We will review your case, discuss your goals, and identify your loved one’s optimal pathway to maximum recovery.

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