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Serious premises liability accidents can happen anywhere. As premises liability attorneys, we tell people every day that a minor injury from an accident in a grocery store doesn’t entitle them to recover money. To win a settlement or jury award, your Kansas City premises liability lawyer will have to prove that the property owner was negligent or knew that there was a potentially dangerous situation on his or her property.

If you have suffered a serious injury or the death of a loved one because of a property owner’s negligence, talk to a Kansas City personal injury attorney at Goza & Honnold, LLC. We are insurance litigation professionals who understand exactly what issues are important in cases involving failure to provide security, slip-and-fall, failure to comply with ordinances, and other kinds of premises liability. We offer a free consultation to discuss your serious injury or wrongful death claim.

Contact us today. We represent clients in premises liability cases, including:

  • Retail store accidents with permanent injury
  • Parking lot and parking ramp injuries
  • Serious dog bites injuries
  • Assault injuries, inadequate security
  • Playground and swimming pool accidents
  • Escalator accidents
  • School and church accidents

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  • We have represented thousands of clients to recover the compensation they need. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements and awards.
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Types of Injuries in Premises Liability Claims in Kansas City

Premises liability lawsuits can arise for several reasons, including physical hazards that cause slip and falls and assaults due to inadequate security. Plaintiffs can suffer serious, debilitating injuries that have a major impact on their daily lives.

Common injuries in premises liability Kansas City lawsuits include the following:

If you suffer an injury due to a property owner’s negligence, you can recover compensation for your accident-related losses. This includes all past and future medical expenses, including medications, rehabilitation, surgeries, and transportation to and from the hospital. Speak with one of our Kansas City premises liability attorneys to find out more information about what compensation you can recover.

Who Is Liable for a Slip and Fall in Kansas City?

Property owners must maintain safe premises and warn visitors about potential hazards. If a property owner learns about a hazard, he or she must take reasonable steps to fix it. For example, if a grocery store owner notices a spill on the floor, he or she must place a wet floor sign next to the spill until someone can clean it up. If you suffer an injury due to a property owner’s failure to uphold this duty of care, you can hold him or her accountable through a slip and fall lawsuit.

For example, say that your friend notices that the stairs in her apartment building are broken. She contacts her landlord and asks him to repair it. In fact, she repeatedly contacts the landlord for several weeks and receives no response. One day, you decide to surprise your friend with a visit. While you are walking up the stairs, you fall through the broken step and break your leg.

In this situation, the landlord would be liable for your injuries. Since your friend is not the property owner, she does not owe a duty to maintain safe premises and is not liable for the injuries you sustained. You could use your friend’s attempts to contact the landlord as evidence that he failed to maintain safe premises and respond to the hazard within a reasonable amount of time.

Comparative Negligence in Missouri Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability lawsuits in Missouri rely on the presence of negligence. If you are able to prove that the property owner’s breach of duty caused your injuries and damages, you can secure compensation for your losses. In some cases, however, the property owner may claim that you are partially liable for the accident.

For example, he or she may claim that the hazard was open and obvious and that you were too distracted to notice it, leading to your injuries. He or she may also claim that you were wearing inappropriate footwear or somehow provoked a dangerous dog to attack. If the court believes you were partially responsible for the accident, your award could be at risk.

Under Missouri’s pure comparative negligence law, the court may reduce your personal injury awards by the percentage of fault that you share. You can recover compensation even if the court finds you more than 50% responsible. For example, if the court finds you 60% at fault and you ask for a $40,000 award, you will only receive $16,000.

We Know Insurance Defense Lawyers’ Tactics

Insurance defense lawyers work hard to minimize the extent of injuries. Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of specialists including doctors, pharmacists, economists, and engineers to assist us in analyzing and developing your case. We make sure the jury understands that your loss isn’t just about money, it’s about everything you have lost.

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