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Kansas City Train and Railroad Accident Lawyer

Passenger and cargo trains are essential to local and state economies, offering cost-effective transportation solutions without dealing with traffic and rising gas prices. However, when train and railroad accidents occur, injuries may be catastrophic, even fatal, for passengers or railroad workers. Working with a highly qualified Kansas City Train and Railroad accident lawyer may help you recover damages for accident-related losses from one or more negligent parties. 

Whether your train and railroad accident was caused by negligent conduct, an engineering error, or a railroad company’s failure to ensure passenger safety, the lawyers at Goza & Honnold are well-versed in building a robust claim to recover complete compensation. As seasoned Kansas City Train and Railroad accident lawyers with a local and national track record of success, we alleviate the stress of pursuing justice in a train and railroad accident claim by guiding you through the legal process and handling all aspects of your case. 

Types of Train and Railroad Accidents in Kansas City 

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were over 2,000 train and railroad accidents in 2021, with 42 collisions in Missouri. Various types of accidents can occur, including the following: 


A derailment train accident occurs when one or more train cars leave the tracks. This type of accident is caused by one or more of the following: 

  • Collision with an object 
  • Operational errors 
  • Mechanical failures or errors 
  • Intentional derailments 

Identifying the cause of your accident is a vital first step in pursuing damages for your injuries and accident-related losses. With the help of the Kansas City train and railroad accident lawyers at Goza & Honnold, you may determine what caused your accident and who may be responsible for your suffering. 

Train Collisions 

Train-on-train collisions may be catastrophic, often resulting from communication or signaling errors. For example, two trains may travel on the same track at once if a conductor deviates from their scheduled time to use the track. 

Vehicle Collisions 

Collisions involving a train and a vehicle may be caused due to mechanical issues or failure to abide by railroad crossing laws. In 2021, 5,781 train accident victims suffered non-fatal injuries and 893 fatalities, prevalently by non-trespassers and railroad employees. 

Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrian train accidents are due to trespassing or trying to walk across the tracks in non-designated crossing areas. This type of accident is the leading cause of fatalities on railways, sometimes due to the conductor’s failure to sound the horn when the train is approaching a crossing.  

Train Station Accidents 

Train and railroad companies have a legal obligation to ensure passenger safety while on the train or at the train station. An example of an accident that may lead to injuries due to train company negligence is slip-and-fall injuries resulting from slippery or wet floors in the train’s walkway. 

Liability in a Kansas City Train and Railroad Accident Claim 

Trains are common carriers that carry goods or passengers and must follow federal and state regulations to ensure safe and secure operations. Under these laws, a train company is expected to adequately hire and train employees, upkeep their cars, and operate the trains. A company failing to adhere to specific regulations can lead to unsafe conditions that may ultimately cause accidents. 

Parties potentially liable for train and railroad accidents in Kansas City includes the following: 

Railroad Company

A railroad company must use the utmost care and vigilance to reasonably prevent harm. Inspection violations, lack of maintenance, or poorly trained conductors may contribute to a train or railroad accident caused by negligence. 

Train Operator

A railroad company may be held liable for a train conductor’s negligence due to vicarious liability laws. However, operating under the influence, speeding, and failing to follow safety protocols are examples of train operator negligence. 


Trains rely heavily on quality manufacturing for various products and equipment for safe transportation. A defective product may result in a catastrophic accident, and victims may have claims against the product’s manufacturer or distributor.

A Third Party

A third party, such as a negligent motorist, may cause a collision for failing to follow railroad crossing laws. Other parties may include maintenance and repair companies or negligent pedestrians. 

Understanding who may be liable for your train and railroad accident may require the help of a Kansas City Train and Railroad accident lawyer. The lawyers at Goza & Honnold can help you investigate the details of your accident and obtain valuable evidence to determine fault in your train accident claim. 

Speak With the Kansas City Train and Railroad Accident Lawyers at Goza & Honnold 

Train and railroad accident claims are often complex due to the numerous parties involved. If you have suffered injuries due to train company or manufacturer negligence, speak with the Kansas City lawyers at Goza & Honnold for a comprehensive assessment of your claim. We can provide legal guidance on your best legal options and bolster your chances of success by handling your claim from initial consultation to resolution. 

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